Best Brunch in Washington D.C. for Solo Female Travelers

Treating myself to a bougie brunch out is one of my great solo travel joys and Washington D.C. is an especially good destination for it. As a solo female traveler, brunch isn’t just a meal to get me through the day. It’s a chance to slow down, soak up the local atmosphere, and fully enjoy some delicious food. From chic urban eateries to cozy neighborhood joints, here are three spots that I think have the best brunch in Washington D.C. for solo female travelers.

Unconventional Diner best brunch in Washington D.C. for solo female travelers

Trendiest Brunch in Washington D.C.: Unconventional Diner

deconstructed avocado toast and hibiscus non-alcoholic drink for bunch in Washington D.C.

Located near Gallery Place/Chinatown, Unconventional Diner is frequently recommended as the best brunch in Washington D.C. My Sunday morning here definitely felt on the chic and trendy end of the D.C. brunch spectrum. My deconstructed avocado toast was a fun twist on a brunch staple and the sweet hibiscus lemonade was the perfect way to get bougie without getting boozy. They were welcoming to me as a solo diner and the dining room is colorful and art-filled.

Bagel Uprising in Alexandria Virginia

Quick Brunch for a D.C. Day Trip: Bagel Uprising

One of my favorite day trips from Washington D.C. is to nearby Alexandria, Virginia. Alexandria is conveniently located on the yellow and blue lines of the D.C. Metro, so it can be a great base for solo female travelers who want to venture into the city occasionally or it’s an easy day trip for those of you staying someplace more central like Dupont Circle.

When you day trip to Alexandria, don’t just stick to King Street (charming as it is). Make time for the Del Ray neighborhood and when you do, have brunch at Bagel Uprising. This is one of the best vegan brunches in Washington D.C. and its surroundings or you can totally get omnivore-friendly bagels. Their range of bagel sandwiches is vast and delicious – ideal for a filling solo brunch. Get a little fresh air while you eat on the large outdoor patio and then go window shopping around the picturesque main street.

cava and duck confit and waffles for brunch in Washington D.C. at Duke's Grocery in Dupont Circle

Best Casual Brunch in Washington D.C.: Duke’s Grocery

You’ve got two location choices for what is probably my favorite brunch go-to in D.C.: Dupont Circle (my fave neighborhood for solo female travelers in Washington D.C.) and Foggy Bottom. The food is great so you feel like you’re treating yourself, but the atmosphere is the least pretentious brunch place ever. Super laid-back and friendly, very welcoming to solo female diners. The menu is based on a lot of English and Southern classics but sometimes you get a fun twist thrown in. Move over chicken and waffles – duck confit and waffles has entered the chat!

If you’re at all nervous about dining out as a solo female traveler, brunch in Washington D.C. is a great place to start and any one of these three brunch restaurants in D.C. will treat you right!

So, which one will you be trying on your next solo adventure in D.C.? Drop a comment and let me know!

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