What is a WorldSmith?

A writer living in Belgrade for four months is a WorldSmith.

A girl sketching her seatmates on a train to Mumbai is a WorldSmith.

A graphic designer leaving his 9-to-5 job to undertake freelance gigs as he road trips the length of Route 66 is a WorldSmith too.

WorldSmiths don’t just experience their worlds – they create them. Artists and creative professionals are the most common culprits, but I firmly believe there is creativity in everybody. Anyone willing to break the mold and express themselves through travel – whether on a week-long vacation or a six-month work assignment on an Australian farm – is a WorldSmith. Even a hardworking lawyer or accountant, finding unique ways to save up for their dream trip, can be a WorldSmith. It’s about taking the reins and making your own life. The principles are simple.

Live creatively. Travel more.


About Me

Photo: Tom Cogill

Danielle Bricker is the girl you see smelling the pages of Pride & Prejudice in the corner of a used bookstore. She is an avid reader, occasional hiker, and an obsessively neat eater. After years of juggling various jobs in publishing, nonprofit management, hospitality, and freelance writing, she is undertaking a year-long round-the-world trip to cover Europe, Central and Southeast Asia, and South and Central America. She likes this current gig – where she travels the world and writes about it – the best.

In addition to her WorldSmith blog, she regularly contributes to a variety of other websites, blogs, and lifestyle publications. If you are interested in her writing or editing services, you can get in touch via Upwork.