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15 Awesome Destinations for Creative Professionals Around the World

It can be hard to decide where to go on a RTW trip, or even just on vacation. When you have creative skills and an interest in arts and culture, that can help you narrow down what you’re looking for… or it can make it even harder to determine which...

How to Travel for a Year: The Ultimate Road Map to a Solo RTW Trip

What does it take to travel for a year? Embarking on a RTW trip isn’t like your average vacation. You can’t book all your transportation and accommodations in advance. You need to consider things like how to stay healthy on the road, and you can’t...

How Much Does a RTW Trip Cost (Really)?

Money is one of the biggest things keeping people from travel, and for writers, photographers, graphic designers and other creatives, budgets aren’t just tight – they’re on a shoestring. Many Americans, however, assume the costs of long-term travel...

What the $#@! is a RTW Trip?

Whether it’s your first time visiting WorldSmith or you’ve been following my destination guides for a while, there are three little letters you see stamped all over my blog. R. T. W. What do they mean? What IS a RTW trip? And why do I want so badly for you...

How to Plan the RTW Trip Itinerary of Your Dreams

When you love to travel, few things are more exciting than planning a new trip. A round-the-world trip (RTW trip) where you spend months visiting several countries and making a complete loop around the globe is probably the most exciting planning adventure of all!...

Hi! I’m Danielle

Many moons ago, I was a young writer trying to make myself fit into a normal life. I juggled multiple part-time jobs for not much money, looking anywhere I could for creative opportunities. It wasn’t all bad — I lived in a nice apartment and had a big support network — but what I loved more than anything was travel, and counting down to one precious week of vacation a year didn’t feel like enough.
I knew that as a writer, I had what it took to work remotely. So when I got fed up with the part-time balancing act, I embraced the freelancer life and hit the road for an entire year.

On this blog you’ll find…

Trip Planning

Get in-depth advice for how to plan and execute a solo round-the-world (RTW) trip.


Find itineraries and tips for artsy and female-friendly destinations.


Follow my own creative adventures across the globe.

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Interview Yourself or someone else

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