Why the Daily Grind is My Short-Term Plan

I thrive in a world of possibility.

I often joke that I’m allergic to making the same recipe twice. When I cook or bake, I’m often trying something new and it’s only my absolute favorite dishes that get a reprise.

When I was still in the dating world, I looked less for a long-term partner and more for a string of interesting conversations.

I typically find myself in jobs where I juggle a wide range of responsibilities. Stressful as it is, I would probably get bored with a position where I didn’t have a variety of tasks I could complete. A little bookkeeping here, a few minutes of digital marketing there, an event to plan once in a while.

But even with that widely varied job description, is walking into the same building at the same time and answering the same questions every day actually a world of possibility?

Do people maintain the status quo because it’s really a better lifestyle, or is it just an easier choice to make?

Rome Colosseum 7

Different people will have different answers to that question, and that’s okay. I just think there should be an actual reason behind the choices we make, whether they’re “normal” or not.

My decision to travel long-term is in all likelihood a very complex one, and I often have trouble articulating the reasoning behind it. But I think it lies at the core of who I am.

Much as I appreciate structure and organization, I would wither in a world of endless routine. More than anything, I need new opportunities to look forward to. A life of long-term travel is much, much more than the daily grind. It’s a life of infinite possibility.

What first spurred my desire to quit my job for travel? Read on about my journey to taking a RTW trip.

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