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8 Things That Happen When You Travel Unplugged

Not long ago, I was asked if I had ever participated in a “digital detox.” Now I’m all for consciously putting away your phone and your camera for an hour to experience a destination just for yourself. But I’d never dream of disconnecting myself entirely from all my tech. That is, I wouldn’t travel unplugged voluntarily…

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Choosing Travel Tech

Deciding what electronics to take on the road is one of the most complicated pieces of the packing process. Since I plan on working while traveling, I’m in the position of having to balance quality and functionality with cost, size, and weight in choosing travel tech.

The phone

Pretty much every long-term traveler is going to keep a smartphone with them on the road.

I’m not exactly a luddite, but I can definitely be a bit of an iconoclast. I was convinced for a long time that I would be the last American with a flip phone. I don’t need my phone to play games and take pictures and tell me every time someone spreads misinformation on Facebook. My little Samsung flip phone lasted me through all four years of college and three more after that. So you better believe that when I finally came around to the whole smartphone thing, I got another Samsung.

My Galaxy S3 isn’t the newest or fanciest, but it meets my needs. If I can transfer it from my Ntelos family plan to an individual T-Mobile plan, all the better. T-Mobile may not be the best network in the States, but it’s apparently a great choice for travelers as they offer a comprehensive international plan at a low monthly cost.

The bottom line: an unlocked smartphone is a must-have and I will trust Samsung until the day I die.

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