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RTW Budget: Vietnam

Vietnam is lauded as one of the cheapest countries in the world to travel. Between street food, hostels, the acceptability of haggling, and the absolute least expensive beer in the world, the Backpacker Index claims you could conceivably get around even the country’s largest cities on less than $20 a day. Honestly, this was part of the draw for me to spend three weeks in Vietnam at the halfway point of my solo RTW trip. I knew my Vietnam budget would be minimal, and I could easily travel overland through Southeast Asia without worrying about the money. I didn’t know a ton about the country before visiting, so without those draws of ‘bucket list’ attractions, I needed to know I wouldn’t be going out of my way to travel in Vietnam. So was the Backpacker Index right? Read on for my detailed, penny-by-penny budget for Vietnam.

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RTW Budget: Laos

One of the best ways to travel on a budget is to steer clear of destinations in high tourist demand and instead go off the beaten path. Few places in my travel history have been as off the beaten path as Laos. The Southeast Asian country sandwiched between Thailand and Vietnam has just enough of a tourism industry to ensure I’d be able to find places to stay, things to do, and restaurants to eat, while keeping the price of all those things under $30 per day. See the full breakdown of what I spent below.

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RTW Budget: Thailand

Thailand may have been the first travel destination I ever became aware of. My dad grew up as an army brat and spent three years of his childhood in Bangkok. So I grew up hearing endless stories of the former kingdom of Siam. Naturally, no matter what the country’s reputation in the larger travel community was, I would have carried a big soft spot for Thailand. But I’ve been lucky enough to not only get to know my dad’s childhood home, but to also discover a country famed for its convenient and budget friendly travel. How much does it cost to explore Bangkok and Chiang Mai? I break down every dime I spent from airfare and accommodations to every last Thai iced tea I sipped on.

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RTW Budget: Nepal

I stand by my choice to trek with a group. But, because I booked an organized tour, Nepal ended up being one of the more expensive countries on my RTW trip. View the full breakdown of what I spent on a 16-day tour of Nepal below.

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RTW Budget: India

India is famous as a budget-friendly destination, but how much does it really cost? I spent two days in transit and 10 days in Delhi with perhaps the least expensive hostel and dining expenses of any destination on my RTW itinerary.

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RTW Budget: London

Budget London? Isn’t that an oxymoron? The British capital isn’t exactly known as a cheap destination. When I determined Istanbul probably wasn’t the best place for me to spend the month of October, I was afraid switching gears to London would completely kill my RTW budget. I did wind up spending about $200 more than planned. But that was about the¬†difference in the cost of my Airbnb rental from city to city – everything else pretty much evened out. Read on to see exactly what I spent on a month in London.

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RTW Budget: Greece

Sights like the Acropolis and Santorini caldera are as universally recognizable as Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower. But where a trip to London or Paris might cost you $100 a day, Athens comes in at just half the price. Yes, Greece is one of Europe’s most affordable big-ticket destinations. Read on to see the full breakdown of what I spent in three weeks in Athens and Santorini.

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RTW Budget: Balkans

The Balkans are one of the most affordable regions of Europe. Tourism may have erupted on Croatia’s Dalmatian Coast, but countries like Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina are still recovering from the war in the 1990s. In spite of this recent troubled history, the Balkans are absolutely safe for travelers and home to some of the most hospitable people in the world. Having access to inexpensive lodgings and food meant I could spend more on cool things like castles, kayaking, hiking in Plitvice Lakes, and all the beer!

See exactly how much I spent on over three weeks in the Balkans below.

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RTW Budget: Italy

Italy holds such an important place in my travel history. It was the first trip I took as a full-fledged adult out of college. It was the first international trip I started alone (even though I later met up with a group tour). It was the first place I experienced culture shock. Not many people realize that “Italy” is barely more than 150 years old. Even today, many Italians identify more regionally (e.g. Venetian, Florentine, Sicilian) than nationally. With that kind of history, where ancient regions unite, the result is a rich tapestry of wide variation. I knew on my RTW trip, I had to return to explore the southern parts of the country.

At the time of that first trip, I thought $800 for a 9-day tour was a rock bottom price. See how much I spent in nearly three weeks of independent travel through Italy below.

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RTW Budget: Barcelona

Barcelona is far more than a captain of Spanish industry – it’s the capital of historic Catalonia. Spain’s northeastern corner is the wealthiest region in the country – so rich, in fact, that many locals want so secede from the rest of Spain so they can fatten their pockets even further. So is budget travel off limits here? I spent two weeks finding out.

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