Staying Healthy on the Road

I used to come back from vacations feeling like I needed another vacation. I’d spend a week or two moving nonstop, packing as much as I could in every day, with more alcohol in my system than sleep. And that would work fine for a week or two. But then I would take that rundown immune system and walk through an airport, the ultimate cesspool of human germs. It was a terrible equation.

Like most things, staying healthy while traveling isn’t much different to staying healthy at home. When I take my RTW trip, a few basic precautions will help stave off the sniffles (or worse).

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Staying active with frequent walks, if not hikes, will be part of the picture.

I won’t just be getting vaccinated for the scary stuff, like yellow fever, but I’ll also make sure all my routine vaccines are up to date.

Hand washing or at the very least hand sanitizing will be a constant part of the routine, as much if not more than it is at home.

At home, during cold and flu season, I try to always carry my own pen for signing receipts. Do you know how many people have touched that one at the store/bank/doctor’s office? Gu’ck! That’s one good habit I’ll carry overseas.

Staying hydrated will also remain a high priority. I have a SteriPEN and a collapsible water bottle in my backpack so fresh, safe water is never far away.

Most importantly, I will pace myself. For every day I spend working or doing something else active, I will spend another day relaxing. There are a lot of benefits to slow travel, but I think among them is the chance to travel healthier.

What about diet? When you’re constantly on the move, eating healthy is a tricky balancing act.

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