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Guides and tips for visiting Greece, including Athens and Santorini.

What to Eat Where on Santorini

I am not a very good tourist. I always feel a bit weird and guilty when I return to my hostel after a long day and the staff asks me what I did. Because usually the answer is just some combination of the following three things: 1) worked, 2) wandered around, 3) ate. There are many places where all I do is eat. While I did a great deal of hiking in Santorini, it was by and large one of those places where I only planned as far ahead as my next meal.

The good news? I can now tell you what’s worth putting on your plate on the most popular Greek island.

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RTW Budget: Greece

Sights like the Acropolis and Santorini caldera are as universally recognizable as Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower. But where a trip to London or Paris might cost you $100 a day, Athens comes in at just half the price. Yes, Greece is one of Europe’s most affordable big-ticket destinations. Read on to see the full breakdown of what I spent in three weeks in Athens and Santorini.

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The Creative Professional’s Guide to Athens

For the average tourist, I’m sure three days is more than enough time in hot, graffiti-tagged Athens. Outside the ancient ruins, the Greek capital seems to lack character and charm. So why did I stay for two weeks? This is the reality of being a creative professional. You settle in places for longer than deemed necessary and move past the basics of the tourist trail. Behind the never-bare walls and litter-filled streets, is a passionate city of artists and activists. There is a modern design culture in Athens unlike any other and I had a hunch it would be a strong hub for a digital nomad. So come on. Give Athens a chance.

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