RTW Budget: India

India is famous as a budget-friendly destination, but how much does it really cost? I spent two days in transit and 10 days in Delhi with perhaps the least expensive hostel and dining expenses of any destination on my RTW itinerary. This budget also includes a long layover in Helsinki. I am counting it as part of my trip to India, as I had to go into the city center with the express purpose of sorting out my Indian visa. I didn’t really get to devote time to seeing anything of Finland as a tourist.

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Transportation $212.70

Heathrow Express $27.19 Flight to Delhi $161.58 Train to/from Helsinki center $9.10 Prepaid taxi to Saket $5.24 3 day tourist card on Delhi metro $4.49 1 day tourist card on Delhi metro $2.22 Train ticket cancellation fee $2.88

Accommodations $98.63

1 night in a sleep pod at Helsinki airport $38.84 10 nights in a 10-bed dorm at The Hosteller $59.79

Dining $34.97

1 week groceries $8.65 1 lunch at Helsinki airport $12.21 5 lunches at The Hosteller cafe $6.72 1 lunch at Hotel Saravana Bhuvan $7.39

Entertainment $0

Miscellaneous $10.99

Snack at Heathrow Airport $2.47 1 coffee at University of Helsinki cafe $2.22 Printing visa letter at Helsinki public library $5.55 Bottled water at Delhi airport $0.75

Total: $357.29 Average Spent Per Day: $29.77

Total without Finland expenses: $289.37 Average Spent Per Day without Finland expenses: $24.11


How I Saved

  • Knowing when to quit I recently wrote about my failed attempt to visit the Taj Mahal. Knowing when to call it quits ultimately saved me money, though this is admittedly money I would have been happy to spend.
  • Using a SteriPen Having my own means of water purification meant just buying one bottle of water and refilling it all week. It worked great. I made it through 10 days without the infamous ‘Delhi belly.’ And it was better for the environment.
  • Taking the metro I took one taxi ride in Delhi and honestly it was enough. I thought going to the prepaid stand would mean not getting ripped off, and I really think I did. The guy at the counter seemed to just be quoting arbitrary prices and coming up with markups for my bag and my purse. I also had to argue with him for a few minutes to get my correct change back. And after all that, the driver still tried to claim I owed him more money. The metro was so much cheaper and safer.
  • Finding free attractions Instead of spending what little cash I had on sights like the Red Fort, I found free things to do in Delhi like going to the Lotus Temple or preparing for my Nepal trek with long walks around the city’s parks.
  • Sticking close to home for meals My hostel had a rooftop cafe with super cheap meals available. It was really easy for me to focus on work and head up for a quick lunch of vegetable pakoda, curried noodles, or fried rice. I don’t think I ever paid more than a couple bucks per meal. And I had a few basic groceries so I could cook for myself even more cheaply.

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