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After two months of fast-paced travel around Southeast Asia, I reached a point in my round-the-world trip where I needed to stop and recover. Enter Bali. I didn’t make the most of my time in this dream destination. I stayed put in Ubud, not exploring the rest of the island, and rarely did anything touristy. But sometimes, knowing when to stop and rest is the wisest use of your time during long-term travel. This breakdown covers my budget for one month in Bali as a digital nomad.

Ubud Bali

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Transportation Budget for One Month in Bali

Flight to Bali $248.24

Airport pickup to Ubud $22.51

Taxi to airport $22.52

Total Transportation Budget: $293.27

Travel Tip: At the time of my visit, Uber was banned in Bali and Bluebird taxis (the safest official taxis in Bali) did not serve Ubud. Today, while some locals may try to convince you it’s illegal, there are affordable rideshares available through Grab.

Accommodations Budget for One Month in Bali

28 nights in Airbnb $312

Total Accommodations Budget: $312

tempeh skewers at a restaurant in Bali

Dining Budget for One Month in Bali

Coffee at Alfamart $0.53

Breakfast at DPS airport $6.42

3 lunches at Kebun Bistro $22.05

Lunch at Snow House $7.50

Lunch at Anomali Coffee $7.13

9 lunches at Kafe $64.39

2 lunches at Clear Cafe $13.96

2 dinners at Bali Buda $12

2 dinners at Warung Laba Laba $11.25

2 dinners at Warung Biah Biah $7.13

Dinner at Buona Sera $3.75

Dinner at Coffee Bail Harum $4.50

Dinner at Dewa Warung $5.25

Dinner at Blackbeach $9.49

Dinner at Creperie $8.63

Dinner at Atman $6.74

Dinner at Legend Cafe $10.49

Dinner at White Orchid $7.13

Dinner at Daily Baguette $8.41

Dinner at Nomad $8.11

Dinner at DPS airport $12.53

2 dessert/drinks at Nomad $12.45

4 gelatos at Secrets $9

Gelato at Oops $1.88

Chocolate at Soklat $3.80

Groceries at Circle K/mini mart $21.02

Groceries at Bali Buda $27.96

Groceries at Delta Dewata $5.40

Total Dining Budget: $318.90

Travel Tip: Warungs are small shops or restaurants in Bali. While I think during long-term travel, it is worth budgeting for international meals as a comfort, keep in mind that you’ll get less expensive and more authentic food eating at a warung.

legong dance Ramayana Ballet at Ubud Palace in Bali

Attractions Budget for One Month in Bali

Ramayana Ballet at Ubud Palace $7.50

Bali Botanica day spa package $99.59

Cooking class $30

Intro to Yoga class at The Yoga Barn $9.76

Total Attractions Budget: $146.85

Travel Tip: Long-term travel often means settling into a different rhythm than the average vacation. I wasn’t a very good tourist in Bali, but a month of catching up on work and simply resting was exactly what I needed at this stage of my round-the-world trip. Knowing when to pace yourself can help you save money!

Other Costs

Replace sarong at Padi $6.75

Restock cough drops at Delta Dewata $2.63

Restock toiletries at Guardian Pharmacy $10.81

Restock aspirin at Guardian Pharmacy $0.65

Total Other Costs: $20.84

Travel Tip: Yes, there were multiple pharmacy visits. Having a sore throat for a couple days and some of the most painful menstrual cramps in my life contributed to how few tourist things I did during my month in Bali. If you pace yourself and don’t pack your itinerary too full, you’ll have an easier time staying healthy and you’ll also have some buffer room if you DO get sick so it doesn’t ruin your plans.

relaxing bath at Bali Botanica Day Spa in Ubud Bali

Total Budget for One Month in Bali

My total budget for one month in Bali was $1091.86 or about $39 per day.

See how this budget compares to other places in Southeast Asia:

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    1. It’s not uncommon to find places to stay in Bali on $400 a month or less. You get a lot of bang for your buck there if you’re visiting from a Western country!

    1. I personally prefer to book ahead, especially now as the travel industry recovers from the pandemic. Demand is pretty high and as a solo female traveler I just do not ever want to risk not having a safe place to stay.

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