Decolonize Your Instagram with 13 Amazing Black Female Travel Bloggers

One of many recommendations for taking on the work of anti-racism is to decolonize your bookshelf. This practice is meant to ensure you are listening to black voices and educating yourself on race in America. If you’re a travel lover, you should also be decolonizing your Instagram feed. Far too often, the image of a typical travel influencer is a thin blonde girl in her 20s, but we live in a diverse world full of many perspectives and experiences. Whether you are a woman of color looking for better representation or a white woman ready to listen to more diverse voices, pull out your phone and follow these 13 amazing black female travel bloggers right now.

Jewels of Travel Jewels || @_traveljewels_

Jewels has one of the first blogs I check when I’m looking for safe neighborhoods for solo female travelers. Her blog is packed with awesome itineraries including more offbeat destinations. She is also a huge advocate for wellness and self-care, frequently filling her blog with tips for staying healthy while traveling.

Who Should Follow Her:

solo female travelers straying off the beaten path

Great Post to Start With:

A Traveler’s Guide to Self Care Before, During & After a Trip


Gloria of The Blog Abroad || @glographics

Glo has more hustle than probably every other travel blogger combined. She always keeps it real with the perfect balance of extending grace and never suffering any fools. She frequently writes about her experiences dealing with racism in other countries and confronts problems in the travel industry head on. If you’re not already reading it, her blog will expand your mind and inspire your spirit more than anything else out there.

Who Should Follow Her:

absolutely everybody

Great Post to Start With:

Traveling While Black: So Where Are You Really From?

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We are excited to partner with @Delta to share our travel story for Black History Month #ad.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ We grew up continents apart;⠀ ⠀ A young boy in Lagos, Nigeria used atlases and encyclopedias to stretch his imagination and to dream about traveling the world someday.⠀ ⠀ A young girl in Denver, Colorado collected foreign currency every time she lost a tooth, and dreamed of visiting each destination embedded on her cherished coins.⠀ ⠀ Decades later our love for adventure and travel brought us both to London; a city ripe with cultural diversity. Traveling frequently for work, family, and leisure made it so that we felt the need to call three countries home; the USA, Nigeria, and England. However, London--the city where our love story began, has become our gateway (and home base) for exploring the rest of the world.⠀ ⠀ Travel has shown us that our collective humanity is greater than the geographical borders that seek to divide us.⠀ ⠀ Travel heightens our insight and sensitivity to the people and cultures we encounter and helps unlock uncommon narratives.⠀⠀ ⠀ The future we once hoped for is finally standing at our doorsteps.⠀ ⠀ As more Black travelers share their stories in the media, the next generation is taking note. They are seeing how we tackle unfamiliar cultures, overcome stereotypes and build our own tables when others deny us a seat at theirs. They are telling themselves, “If this person who looks like me can live their travel dream, so can I.”⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ We see Black travelers becoming more confident and discerning about where and how they chose to spend their travel dollars.⠀ ⠀⠀ In the future, we predict seeing an unprecedented amount of Black travelers reconnecting with the motherland, finding love in far-flung places, establishing careers outside of their home countries, acquiring international properties, and setting up businesses in destinations they previously never imagined they would.⠀⠀ ⠀⠀ In short, our collective influence will only continue to grow in the world of travel.⠀ ⠀⠀ The future of Black travel has begun...and we are totally here for it!⠀ ⠀ #blackhistorymonth ⠀ @travelnoire

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Eulanda & Omo of Hey Dip Your Toes In || @dipyourtoesin

HDYTI is full of couple goals covering every type of destination from igloos to beaches. Eulanda and Omo love culture and cuisine and I always head to their blog when I want to soak up some livin’ the good life vibes. I especially love their wine tasting posts because they cover unique regions — they even talk about English wine!

Who Should Follow Them:

couples planning a romantic trip

Great Post to Start With:

Visit La Rioja and Explore Bodegas, Pinchos and Heritage in Northern Spain

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HEY! I’m Gabby ??? Here’s a quick and dirty ‘About Me’ ⠀ ☞ 24. Leo. Born in Oceanside, CA, living in the DMV. Bachelors in Statistics and minor in Middle Eastern Studies. ⠀ ☞ In Feb 2020 I pressed ▶️ on my 3 year plan to quit my job and travel the world. And then a global pandemic hit ? Check out my past IGTVs for how that’s going. ⠀ ☞ What does Packs Light mean? It means try not to carry mental or physical baggage with me in life, or in my travels. Pax also means “peace” in Latin, so I try to be peace & light. ⠀ ☞ My mom is white, my dad is Black (??). Two of my sisters are Japanese and Black. When my sister was 8 she told me she thought I was white because my skin is lighter than hers. I cried because she’s clearly being forced to try to make these discernments already. I have both privilege and pain as a lighter skinned Black woman. But I am always BLACK. ⠀ ☞ I am EXTREMELY positive person–not by nature, but by choice. In Nov 2019 I did a TEDx talk on Delusional Confidence. I think we need it more than ever right now. ⠀ ☞ I help young people travel the world for free by sharing Packs Light Travel opps. I’ve been awarded $75,000+ in cultural exchanges, international programs, and travel contests. Making incredible things accessible is what I really really love to do! ?? ⠀ ☞ I love to travel because it makes me feel the most alive I can be. In a new place, engaging all of my senses, feeling every single memory being made in time. And by learning other people’s stories I feel like I get to live a bit of their lives too. ⠀ ☞ The only thing bigger than my hair is my abundance mentality ??‍? There is room enough for every single one of us to succeed and be happy at the same time. So let’s help each other do it! ⠀ ☞ This account is INCLUSIVITY, BLACK-EMPOWERMENT, EDUCATION, INSPIRATION, INSIGHT, ADVENTURE only ⠀ If you’ve read this far you definitely consistently reached Gold in Accelerated Reader in middle school and I vibe with that ? ⠀ ?? ???’?? ??? ????????? ???????? ??? ??? ???? ??????? ??? ????! ?? ???’?? ??? ???, ???? ?? ????????? ????? ? ??? ?? ??? ??? ?????.

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Gabby of Packs Light || @packslight

Gabby is the absolute queen of finding epic travel opportunities. She’s been traveling since she was 17 and uses her experience racking up incredible scholarships in college to help young adults find their own once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. She also has tons of advice for scoring luxurious travel experiences on a tight budget and highlights lots of black-owned businesses to support in your destination.

Who Should Follow Her:

Gen Z kids who want to shoot for the stars

Great Post to Start With:

30+ Black-Owned Restaurants in San Diego to Patron for the Culture

Nathalie of InterNATional Caty || @internationalcaty

Nathalie is a travel concierge who believes in experiences without the hassle. Her blog is a travelogue of her own adventures, but her real strength is working with travelers one on one to help them enjoy their own adventures.

Who Should Follow Her: 

folks looking for someone to do the legwork of travel planning

Great Post to Start With:

Art Basel: Art Africa

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Hi! I‘m Francesca, a full time beauty and travel influencer. I am deeply passionate about diversity and representation, but that’s not all I talk about! I have been on a journey of self love through travel for over a decade ? Here are 10 facts about me, let’s see how many we have in common! ① I have been rocking my natural hair for 5 years and am excited to share more tips for naturalistas! ② I am a skincare-obsessed product junkie! I love clean beauty and am getting into Korean beauty rituals ??‍♀️ ③ My maternal grandparents were from Central America (Shoutout to my Afro Latinas! ????) and my paternal grandparents were from Boston and very proud. I haven’t been yet! ④ I have a degree in Journalism and Public Relations with a minor in French ?? ⑤ I speak French fluently, Spanish conversationally and Italian like a 2 year old ? ⑥ I spend half the year in the Caribbean with my partner and love sharing authentic stories from the region ⑦ I self-published a guide to Martinique that sold 700 copies with no advertising ⑧ I’ve been dancing salsa for over 10 years ?? ⑨ I prefer books over movies ? ①⓪ I dream of having my own travel show one day!✈️ ??Okay, your turn! Do we have one of these in common? Tell me your name and something interesting about you in the comments! . . . . #naturalhairloving #blackinfluencers #blackbloggersunited #iamlatina

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Francesca of One Girl One World || @onegrloneworld

Francesca fearlessly goes after what she wants and drinks up the world around her, whether it’s on a fun city break or a tropical paradise escape. Her blog’s got a little bit of everything but it’s all infused with eager curiosity for local cultures and joyous celebration of being somewhere new. She has also been using her platform for a long time to fight racism in the travel industry and provide natural beauty and self-care advice to black women.

Who Should Follow Her: 

groups looking for extra culture on their girls’ getaway

Great Post to Start With:

How to Plan the Perfect Girls’ Trip to Barbados

Annette of From Annette With Love || @fromannettewithlove

Annette’s blog is dedicated not just to travel but to plus-size fashion and I always appreciate her empowering posts on body positivity. Following Annette has without a doubt made me a more understanding person and a better ally.

Who Should Follow Her:

advocates for body positivity

Great Post to Start With:

What Bali Taught Me About Body Positivity

Somto of Somto Seeks || @somtoseeks

Somto is all about the joy and freedom of location independence. Most of the destinations she covers are in the Mediterranean, but she also talks about essential resources for travel and how to travel more by becoming your own boss.

Who Should Follow Her:

digital nomad wannabes

Great Post to Start With:

How to Teach English Abroad without Experience

Oneika of Oneika the Traveller || @oneikatraveller

For a lot of people, Oneika is the OG black female travel blogger. She has been an active journalist and media personality for years and even hosts shows on the Travel Channel. With over 100 countries under her belt, her blog seriously has everything you could be looking for but my favorite posts of hers are the ones where she focuses on her inner thrill seeker with bungee jumps and volcano hikes.

Who Should Follow Her:

adventure junkies

Great Post to Start With:

What Being Black and Abroad Means to Me

Delahaye of Hues of Delahaye || @huesofdelahaye

As she says in her bio, Delahaye serves up smart solo travel advice with “a dollop of sarcastic Jamaican humor.” This is one of my top go-to places for things to do in London and the blog’s also full of advice for travel when you work a 9-to-5.

Who Should Follow Her: 

busy gals who want to travel without leaving their full-time jobs

Great Post to Start With:

How to Travel More with a Full-Time Job

Nadeen of The Sophisticated Life || @thesophislife

Nadeen’s award-winning blog is chock-full of affordable luxury and bucket list experiences. She is a pediatrician and frequently speaks on medical travel – she even recently appeared on CNN to discuss the coronavirus pandemic – but she also has massive sections of her blog devoted to fabulous culinary travels.

Who Should Follow Her: 

foodies and wine lovers

Great Post to Start With: 

45+ Black-Owned Wineries & Businesses You Should Follow and Support

Julianna of The Discoveries Of || @thediscoveriesof

Julianna is another go-to blogger for London tips and tricks. She says her blog is for “smart cookies who want to do cool things in awesome places.” I love her straightforward style and I can always count on her blog for a great pub recommendation.

Who Should Follow Her:

anyone visiting London

Great Post to Start With:

The Dilettante’s Guide to Where to Drink in London Right Now

Kareemah of Hijabi Globetrotter || @hijabiglobetrotter

Kareemah is devoted to seeing the world from different perspectives and sharing underrepresented stories. She offers loads of resources for Muslim travelers and is so honest and true to herself on her blog — it’s a wonderful place to listen, connect, learn and get out of your comfort zone.

Who Should Follow Her:

travelers ready to challenge their assumptions

Great Post to Start With:

Africa Isn’t Worth My Money

There are many more black female travel bloggers online, each with their own specialties and their own unique experiences. For white travelers, it is critical for us to remember that there is no one monolithic black experience, and the only way we can hope to become better, more understanding travelers, friends and people is to listen to lots of diverse voices.

Feel free to recommend new blogs for me to follow in the comments!

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