One of the strangest things about long-term travel is spending special occasions like birthdays and holidays away from home. I admittedly had an excellent time over my solo Christmas during my RTW trip – I took a weaving class in Laos and treated myself to a nicer than usual dinner at a fusion tapas place in Luang Prabang. My favored work cafe in the city went out of their way to be welcoming to expats by playing Christmas carols. (This was a particularly humbling experience as it’s not common in my own country to do the reverse.) And yet, this first year after my grand adventure, I find my mind just as drawn to how I spent December the year before. My boyfriend and I spent Christmas at Colonial Williamsburg, a few hours away from our hometown. Most familiar to me as an elementary school field trip, I didn’t quite understand the appeal of seeing the erstwhile capital of Virginia as an adult. Really, though, Colonial Williamsburg is a vibrant living history museum and there is no better time to visit than December, when the preserved town is decked out in seasonal decor.

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