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Month: March 2017

WorldSmith of the Month: Musician Lena Tarasyuk

WorldSmith of the Month is a new feature, showcasing traveling artists and creative professionals around the world. I believe travel in itself can be a creative pursuit, but there are so many ways travel and art can (and do) intersect and fuel one another. Travel can bring you closer to creative endeavors, and living creatively can help you travel more. Read on to meet the newest addition to the WorldSmith community and learn how she balances art and travel.

“As soon as you see someone in your hostel with a guitar, you instantly know you can easily build a conversation with them,” says travel blogger Lena Tarasyuk. But what if instead of a guitar in a hostel, it was a ukulele on a street corner with a camera set up to record?

In addition to her work on the Travel Monkey website and blog, Lena and her partner travel the world making music and bringing together new friends. Continue reading

RTW Budget: India

India is famous as a budget-friendly destination, but how much does it really cost? I spent two days in transit and 10 days in Delhi with perhaps the least expensive hostel and dining expenses of any destination on my RTW itinerary.

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Why I Didn’t Go to the Taj Mahal

It is incredibly difficult for me not to consider my trip to India a failure. While there were certainly positives, between jackass hostel guests, my own mistakes, and a million outside factors that are nobody’s fault… it was kind of a shitshow. Case in point: Who goes to India and doesn’t see the Taj Mahal?

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Never Knew Your Name: The Unsung Angels of Travel

One of the biggest things I have learned on my RTW trip is to appreciate even the briefest of connections. As an introvert, I tend to seek out deeper relationships. We introverts detest small talk and prefer to invest our limited social energy in a small circle of close friends. That luxury doesn’t exist when you’re constantly on the road. In fact, with many of the people that have stood out in my travels, we never even exchanged names.Nonetheless, they made so many aspects of my trip easier and became the unsung angels of the road.

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