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Month: January 2017

Six Months In: How My RTW Packing List Has Changed

Every new traveler thinks they’ve nailed the perfect packing list. My original RTW packing list turned out to be pretty good. But in the first month or so of my trip, it seemed like I couldn’t turn my head without something in my pack getting lost or broken. As soon as the last thing got replaced, something new would fixing. And then there are all the toiletries I had planned on restocking on the road.

So as I rounded the halfway point of my year-long RTW trip, I took another look at what’s inside my backpack. What have I added? Did I get rid of any items I don’t need? Just how often does a traveler have to restock things like shampoo, toothpaste, and deodorant? How often do things get lost and broken? Read on to see how my packing list has changed.

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5 Unique London Day Tours to See the City in a Different Light

The typical hop-on, hop-off sightseeing bus is a great way to spend the day on your first trip to London. The ‘Old Smoke’ is such a large city, you can get your bearings and tick off some of the famous sights you feel you can’t miss. But London’s size also means that there is so much dwelling beneath that tourist-friendly surface. As Samuel Johnson rightly said, ‘He who is tired of London is tired of life,’ and you could honestly spend years in the British capital and still never run out of new things to see and do. So once you’ve satisfied your tourist tooth, try one of these more unique London day tours on for size.

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What to Eat Where on Santorini

I am not a very good tourist. I always feel a bit weird and guilty when I return to my hostel after a long day and the staff asks me what I did. Because usually the answer is just some combination of the following three things: 1) worked, 2) wandered around, 3) ate. There are many places where all I do is eat. While I did a great deal of hiking in Santorini, it was by and large one of those places where I only planned as far ahead as my next meal.

The good news? I can now tell you what’s worth putting on your plate on the most popular Greek island.

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WorldSmith of the Month: Flow Artist Kellie Mogg

WorldSmith of the Month is a new feature, showcasing traveling artists and creative professionals around the world. I believe travel in itself can be a creative pursuit, but there are so many ways travel and art can (and do) intersect and fuel one another. Travel can bring you closer to creative endeavors, and living creatively can help you travel more. Read on to meet the newest addition to the WorldSmith community and learn how she balances art and travel.

If you’re walking through an airport terminal in the near future and spy a petite blonde with a five-foot carbon fiber pole and some “ninja-looking stuff on [her] pack,” try not to be intimidated. Chances are, you’ve just run into flow artist Kellie Mogg on her way to a music festival. Continue reading

RTW Budget: Greece

Sights like the Acropolis and Santorini caldera are as universally recognizable as Big Ben or the Eiffel Tower. But where a trip to London or Paris might cost you $100 a day, Athens comes in at just half the price. Yes, Greece is one of Europe’s most affordable big-ticket destinations. Read on to see the full breakdown of what I spent in three weeks in Athens and Santorini.

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7 Reasons to Travel Europe By Bus

It isn’t always easy to travel Europe on a budget. One of the biggest ways I saved on my overland journey across the Mediterranean coast this summer was sticking to long distance buses as my means of transportation. Flying might have been easier. Trains might have been more romantic. But my shoestring budget had other ideas, and I found that bus travel actually has plenty of its own charms. Why should you travel Europe by bus? Read on for seven unexpected perks of bus travel!

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The Creative Professional’s Guide to Athens

For the average tourist, I’m sure three days is more than enough time in hot, graffiti-tagged Athens. Outside the ancient ruins, the Greek capital seems to lack character and charm. So why did I stay for two weeks? This is the reality of being a creative professional. You settle in places for longer than deemed necessary and move past the basics of the tourist trail. Behind the never-bare walls and litter-filled streets, is a passionate city of artists and activists. There is a modern design culture in Athens unlike any other and I had a hunch it would be a strong hub for a digital nomad. So come on. Give Athens a chance.

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