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Month: December 2016

The Bucket List – Reversed

Truth be told, I’ve become a bit disillusioned with my bucket list. It sounds like a great idea, right? List all the things you want to do before you die. But pinning your hopes and dreams on something you’ve never experienced is a dangerous road to walk. Expectation is, after all, the mother of disappointment. Focusing too much on your bucket list can also mean not living enough in the moment, not appreciating what you already have.

I’m very lucky (and very privileged) to live a life of travel. Though it doesn’t come without its challenges, and some items from my traditional bucket list have fallen short of expectation, my RTW trip has been anything but a disappointment. So as 2016 winds down, I am reversing my bucket list and celebrating the accomplishments and experiences, both painstakingly planned and delightfully unexpected, that are already under my belt.

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Tips for Booking a Great Hostel (and Avoiding the Duds)

Some travelers swear by waiting until they arrive in a destination to choose a place to stay. They say they get better deals and enjoy the freedom to shop around. Personally, I’m not hardcore enough for it. I often travel during peak season and prefer the security and convenience of booking a hostel in advance, even if that means paying a few extra dollars to afford a place that keeps an advertising budget.

Like any traveler who books on the fly, I’ve stayed in good hostels and bad. Over the course of my year-long solo RTW trip, I learned how to make the most of Hostelworld and book the right place for my stay. When you’re traveling on a budget, choosing a hostel is all about priorities. Read on to learn aboutĀ five ways you might go about the hostel selection process.

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The Creative Professional’s Guide to Belgrade

Belgrade is the Old Hollywood romance of European capitals. At first glance, the gray communist bloc architecture might seem like it’s nothing special. You might even expect to dislike the city. But get to know it and you could discover the love of your life – particularly if you have a love for arts and culture, or are working on the road! Uncover one of Europe’s hidden gems in this guide to Belgrade, designed for the traveling creative professional.

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How Kayaking in Croatia Broke (and Rebuilt) Me

I’ll admit, I’ve been dreading writing this post. Lots of deadlines and a two-week vacation with super limited connectivity in Nepal gave me handy excuses for putting it off. But at the end of the day, excuses is all they are. There’s nowhere else to run and the time has come for me to talk about kayaking.

This is truly everything travel can be.

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