The apparent downside to spending the weekend in Vienna, is how much stuff is closed on Sunday. St. Stephansdom’s main chapel, the flagship Swarovski store, and the Vienna State Opera are all attractions yet to be crossed off my bucket list.

The silver lining? We had gorgeous weather, so a leisurely walk around town and late lunch on the patio of Cafe Demel wound up being a great way to spend the day. Cafe culture is huge in Europe, so it actually wound up being a much more authentic way of experiencing Vienna, in more ways than one.

While we were sipping our espressos, we caught part of a march protesting the Russian invasion of the Ukraine. It was an incredible reminder that we travel at a moment in time. If we hadn’t embraced slow travel for the day, we would have missed it.

I won’t ever complain about having to slow down. Being constantly on the move can wear down your immune system and endanger your health. Going too fast can be distracting and make you more susceptible to tourist scams. Slow travel is safer, healthier, and just more enjoyable.

When planning a long-term travel route, it’s critical to pick points to slow down. How do you decide where to enjoy slow travel?