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Craft an Epic Southeast Asia Itinerary

I sometimes find myself arguing with people that yes, they¬†are, in fact, creative. So many people assume only those in the traditional arts like music or painting have claim to that particular trait. I’m a firm believer that creativity at its heart is about turning tradition on its ear. Independent travelers – you’re the new creative class. (Just check out the collaborative travel dance and film project Alaine Handa is working on, or the badass dystopian costume design Faith Roswell makes for Wasteland Warriors all over the world.) When you charge forward into the world without guidebooks and travel agents dictating your every move, you’re creating something. In this latest addition of my itinerary series – designed to unleash your creative planning power, rather than give you a copy-and-paste blueprint for your trip – we’ll explore one of the most popular backpacking destinations in the world: Southeast Asia. Its bottom dollar price tag makes it one of the best starter destinations for budget backpacking in the world, but there’s so much more to it than that. If this corner of the world wasn’t filled with sublime natural beauty, rich cultural traditions, and some of the most banging food across the globe, no amount of budgeting would be worthwhile. Read on for must-have information on some of the highlights you might choose to include in your own Southeast Asia itinerary.

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Craft an Epic Balkan Itinerary

Far too many people don’t recognize their own creativity. Instead, they ascribe that trait to only practitioners of traditional arts. Musicians and painters – these are creative people. Not us. But here’s the thing about true creativity: it exists to turn tradition on its ear. I contend that independent travelers are part of a new creative class. We’d have a much easier time trusting our travels to a guidebook or a tour operator. Instead we take full control of our destinations, and our destinies. With my itinerary planner series, I hope to unleash the creativity in every jetsetter, giving you not a step-by-step blueprint¬†for your travels, but rather the information you need to create your own plans. Read on for the basics about going off the beaten path and navigating top Balkan cities.

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Craft an Epic Italy Itinerary

Think you’re not creative? Maybe you can’t play an instrument or draw recognizable sketches. But if you travel independently, you are definitely creative. It would be far easier to hand over the reins to a tour operator, a guidebook, or a travel blog and follow their suggestions to the letter. But the beauty of traveling on your own is the freedom. You have full control over where you go, what you do, and how much you spend. Love ancient ruins? You can decide to focus almost all of your time on Rome. On a very tight budget? Maybe you’ll opt to save Venice for a future trip. And when it comes to working out the logistics of getting from place to place, experimentation can become your best friend. You can make your lifestyle – or even just your vacation – your art by crafting your own epic Italy itinerary with the info below.

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